21 Strange Dog Behaviors  Facts about Dogs

21 Strange Dog Behaviors Facts about Dogs

21 Strange Dog Behaviors .

We know you really love your dogs but there are times when they behave in ways you don’t understand.  Sometimes your dog’s behavior may be amusing embarrassing or just needs to be captured on video.

On that note let’s talk about the 21 things dogs do and the meaning behind them.

Why dogs kick when you scratch their belly.

Have you ever noticed that when you scratch your dog’s belly they start kicking their back leg this movement is an involuntary reaction called scratch reflex. When you scratch a dog’s belly you activate the nerves under the skin that are connected to their spinal cord. These nerves send a message to your dog’s leg muscles to kick and twitch in an attempt to get rid of an irritant this is what causes a dog’s leg to start involuntarily jerking.

Next , why dogs kick their feet after pooping while it may look like your dog is trying to cover up its urine and feces? It isn’t by scratching the ground your dog is releasing the pheromones located in the scent glands of its feet. This is the main way your dog marks its territory your dog wants the other dogs to know that this is his area.

He is an alpha dog and while you think that your dog might be sniffing another dog’s poop they are actually sniffing the pheromones another dog is left behind. Kicking the dirt this is a unique form of communication where your dog will tell another dog if they sense danger or even let them know about their sexual availability.

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