5 New Hacks to Potty Train Your Puppy FAST

5 New Hacks to Potty Train Your Puppy FAST

if you have one of these and you’re watching this video then you’re probably like many others looking to potty train your puppy fast.  Let’s face it hundreds of thousands of pet parents out there that are probably struggling with potty training fear not,  because in this video i’m going to show you exactly how I potty trained my mom’s  10 week old new puppy in just one week.

Learn five hacks that you’ve never heard before.The good news this is actually very simple the fastest way to potty train your puppy or any new dog for that matter. The trick is by not allowing them to have an accident in the house or in their crate.

Dogs especially puppies learn behavior by what you allow them to do or don’t allow them to do. You may be going okay that makes sense, but how do i stop the accidents. my puppy goes outside they come in they pee, even though they just peed  outside. What do I do ?

So for the first hack that you’ve never heard before for potty training your puppy especially.  For the first four to eight weeks that you have your new cuddly puppy, when they go outside and do number one or number two, do not, I repeat do not bring them back inside your home right away .

Oftentimes  snuggly cute little puppies have not fully learned how to express and release their bladder fully on the first try.  So sometimes they need to go a couple times . Here’s the key guys then once you bring them back inside you need to watch them like a hawk.

I”ll give you a tip on how to do , but you need to watch them closely and if you see that nose go to that ground even for a split second or you see the starting to walk in circles or looking around you go right back outside.

You may have to do that three, four times in an hour. Especially when they’re really small and that’s okay a little bit of extra work up front is going to make potty training down the road so much easier.

Here’s something to consider guys an accident in the house by an eight, nin,e ten week old puppy is much smaller than a puppy that might be 12 to 16 weeks old .

The more you work now when they’re young the better it’s going to be on you later down the road.

Now for the second hack for potty training do not allow your puppy to have an accident in their crate. The more you allow your puppy to do a certain behavior, the more likely they are going to learn that behavior and then repeat that behavior .

Please watch the video for more about Potty Train Your Puppy FAST

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