Dog Behavior .. These Folks are teaching their dogs to talk

Dog Behavior .. These Folks are teaching their dogs to talk with a board full of buttons, some pets appear to be communicating with their humans – and researchers are investigating. There are plenty of reasons why we talk to our pets.

Do you find yourself talking to your pet often … your not alone .


Some research suggests our chattiness can be motivated by loneliness, a need to feel control over the dynamic of our relationship with them, or even just our perception of animal consciousness. It’s likely that most pet owners would simply feel weird not greeting their wagging pup at the door with a shower of “oh, hellooo ”s or cooing baby-talk to their purring cat.

What’s altogether unexpected is the idea that pets might talk to us – but new research is exploring whether and how they can.

Helmed by Dr Federico Rossano, director of the Comparative Cognition Lab at the University of California San Diego, and Leo Trottier, a PhD candidate, project They Can Talk is one of the latest in a decades-long series of psycholinguistic studies seeking to document non-humans expressing themselves in language-like ways.

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