Increase in Puppy SCAMS people seek out pets online 2020

Increase in Puppy SCAMS people seek out pets online 2020

Puppy scams on the rise as people seek out pandemic pets

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Scammers are taking advantage of an uptick in people getting pets during the pandemic. The increase in demand has spurred an increase in fake ad listings for pets.

We’re being warned about an increase in these so-called “puppy scams.” In some cases, the sellers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a deposit on an animal companion they will never receive.
The Better Business Bureau says it received more reports in April about fraudulent websites offering pets than in the previous three months combined.

Some advice from Michael Finney, meet the animal in-person or video conference with the seller to see the animal to reduce the chances of being taken by a scam. And be weary of making any payments prior to confirming that the animal is real and the seller seems legitimate.

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