Wonder dog reunited  after three years missing

Wonder dog reunited after three years missing

lola the dogThis is a heart warming story of a dog reunited with its family.

Lola, who was trained to help her Michigan owner in case of seizure, vanished from a fenced yard in 2017 A whiff of her old blanket was enough for Lola:

the black lab was back in her owners’ arms three years after the Michigan dog disappeared on a trip to suburban Chicago.

“I feel like I’m in a dream right now,” Debra Mejeur said on Saturday when she and her husband, Steve, were reunited with Lola at DuPage County Animal Services.

The couple returned for about a month hoping to find a dog that was specially trained to help Debra Mejeur in case of a seizure. The Mejeurs posted notices, got help from volunteers and hired a professional pet searcher. No luck.

This shows again how amazing dogs are , so happy for the owners of this wonderful animal.

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thumbnail courtesy of theguardian.com

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